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Schalk's Academy of driving excellence from put-put to zoom-zoom in a few easy lessons ...
Area: Pretoria South (Centurion).
No need to come to me, I will come to you ...!
Code: 8/B (Light motor vehicle), K53.


Traning with manual vehicle only.

Driving School (Academy) in Centurion

This is the best driving school (academy) that can be found in Centurion. As I the owner & driving instructor of the school believes in excellent service and good value for money. This is done via first hands on driving expertise and setting the example to be followed. A summery of the daily practical shall be sent via email in pdf document format so that you the client can learn and revise the daily practical material. The more you familiarise yourself with it, the easier and better you'll become at driving and you will build your self-confidence needed to be a good driver.